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Workload Optimizer

Workload Optimizer is a new Mainframe software which collect the DB2 for z/OS workload data and shapes it into an ordered set of actions and recommendations needed to expedite the DBA day to day work and cut peak time costs.

The sheer amount of performance data, workload statistics and daily maintenance of a typical Mainframe site are overwhelming. There are numerous DB2 monitoring tools in the market which collect data, organize it into ordered information and help DBAs cope with day to day challenges.
Workload Optimizer takes this process to the next level. Instead of throwing massive amounts of information at the DBA, Workload Optimizer analyzes the information and focuses the DBA to the most important issues that should be handled.

Business Value
In today’s business world DBAs are required to do more work with fewer tools, less resources and in shorter time. That is why Workload Optimizer’s main goal is to reduce the time and effort required for DBAs to locate and perform he’s day to day tasks. This is done by giving the DBA an understanding of the site’s actual workload and focusing the DBA attention on the places and solutions that will yield the best benefits. Using this tool, organizations can get better ROI for any work day spent by their DBA.

In addition, this tool shortens the learning curve of new DBA’s in an organization by providing a deeper understanding of the site’s specific workload.

With this new understanding each action the DBA performs can be more productive: heavy batch jobs can be rescheduled to a better time, backups can be ordered for the duration that their tables are less used and the most cost effective performance bottle necks can be traced.

How easy it is to use Workload Optimizer? You can see an example report.

More information is available in our Workload Optimizer-Executive Summary.

and in our WLO – for Interested Parties presentation.

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